Technical Management

Providing a diverse range of services from site level coordination to operational monitoring and contractor management to ensure effective and robust project supervision

Operational Supervision

BRIDGE design and employ systems to effectively manage wider administration of renewable energy projects and day-to-day operations.

  • Maintaining operational documentation
  • Producing detailed management reports
  • Sampling results
  • Responding to site events
  • Managing issues and task lists
Technical Management

Contractor Management

A major part of our role is managing and coordinating relationships with the key project contract counterparties associated with the successful delivery of renewable energy projects.

  • Managing contract processes
  • Managing inspections to claim submittal, negotiations, and settlements
  • Assisting with contract negotiations
  • Operating contracts
  • Connection agreements
  • Power purchase agreements

Site Inspections and Management

BRIDGE undertakes programmes of planned site inspections, focusing on site safety and good housekeeping. The scope and frequency of inspections are tailored to meet client and site requirements. The inspection regime will be based on a pre-agreed checklist involving:

  • WTG
  • HV
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Metering equipment
  • Recalibrated and statutory inspections
  • Up tower turbine inspections
Technical Management

The checklist will ensure that your asset is working safely, maximizes its performance, asset longevity and that it is a cost-effective operation.

We also think regular interactions in person are invaluable and we take opportunities to meet landowners in combination with other site workers whenever possible, ensuring they have opportunities to air issues and find lasting solutions.


Planning Compliance

Our team manages compliance with planning conditions, including:

  • Engaging relevant specialist consultants where required
  • Reviewing the reporting they provide
  • Liaising with planning authorities and other interested parties
  • In-house analysis to model effects and resolve complaints