Corporate Management

Providing an integrated range of services designed to ensure effective and robust investee company administration.

Board Representation

At BRIDGE we regularly work with investor delegated directors on a targeted project, providing suitably qualified board management and operating company board members.

Company Secretary

We undertake company secretarial functions including:

  • Administering board meetings
  • Corporate record keeping
  • Reporting
  • Undertaking statutory filings for investee companies

Contract Management

BRIDGE applies forward-thinking solutions to ensure contractual obligations are pro-actively monitored, by managing all aspects of project contracts to ensure our clients’ interests are appropriately protected.

We catalogue and monitor all rights and obligations that require frequent action, ensuring timely fulfillment of the contract and prompt resolution to any issues that may arise.

Project Tenders

Our experts have exceptional knowledge to assist with contract negotiations and tendering of all key project contracts including:

  • Major operating contracts
  • Connection agreements
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Minor/single event contracts

Shareholder Reporting

We have an in-depth understanding of the detailed information that financial investors require within the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors. We provide bespoke reporting with detailed analytics, focused on:

  • Asset Compliance
  • Measuring long term performance
  • Insight of management and operations for the project assets
  • Aligned with overall financial analysis