Data Management

Performance & Data Analysis

Our data platform imports turbine SCADA data directly to analyse error and fault codes to identify operational trends over time. It is monitored to track the operator’s wider approach to asset management by assessing general turbine “health” signals.

We access data directly from turbine SCADA systems for a fully independent check and drill down to a finer level of detail than normally provided in the operator’s monthly reports.


Data Collection

We use the data collected by our system to:

  • Track project performance
  • Respond to unplanned events
  • Inform operational management decisions
  • Lead discussions with service contractors
  • Detailed performance reporting to our clients

Diagnostic Capabilities

Diagnostic modules include core key performance indicators such as:

  • Comparison of turbine and park performance to assess losses and events.
  • Monthly and cumulative periodic comparisons are shown to budget
  • Underlying contractual standards and other pre-agreed benchmarks

In-depth Independent Data Analysis

This in-depth independent data analysis allows us to engage proactively with service contractors to encourage the best possible performance, rather than simply allowing a focus on meeting minimum warranted availability levels. The system also shows when an event has occurred or we suspect trends are emerging. It inspects:

  • Claimed operator performance
  • Monitors response to events
  • Interrogates causes of lost production
  • Audit contractual compliance