The Portfolio

We provide operational management services covering a portfolio of 7 UK onshore renewable energy projects including 6 wind sites and 1 hydro plant. The portfolio includes over 40MW of installed capacity and 24 turbines. We have been managing sites within the portfolio for over 12 years, including projects brought through development and construction which have been added to Thrive's growing portfolio.

Operational Services

Our scope of work includes overall project operational management, day to day real time response to project events, health and safety supervision, liaison with site owners and other local stakeholders, turbine service providers and other key parties including grid companies and PPA offtakers.

We report key performance indicators to the client on a monthly basis and are responsible for developing the long term strategies for the management of the sites, including effective service contract arrangements and the extension of planning permissions and land rights.

We ensure that services under all operating contracts are delivered in a complete and timely manner and contract rights are exercised where necessary. We undertake ongoing monitoring of turbine performance and availability levels.

Corporate and Financial Services

We also provide financial and corporate management to certain project companies within the portfolio, including company secretarial, financial administration and statutory accounting and lender reporting.