Operational Supervision

We provide operational site management services using a range of integrated management tools and systems to effectively manage day to day operations and the wider administration of the projects.

This includes maintaining operational documentation libraries and management reports, sampling results, site events, issues and task lists, to ensure a robust and all-inclusive approach is taken to the supervision of the projects.

Contractor Management

We are experienced in managing relationships with the key project contract counterparties associated with renewable energy projects. We are well known to all major turbine suppliers and recognised as a proactive and knowledgeable asset manager.

We have extensive direct experience in the management of contract processes, from managing inspections to claim submittal, negotiations and settlements.

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to assist with contract negotiations and tendering of all key project contracts including major operating contracts, connection agreements, power purchase agreements and minor service and maintenance contracts.

Site Inspections

We undertake programmes of planned site inspections across the portfolio under our management, with a focus on site safety, good housekeeping and ensuring high quality of workmanship.

The scope and frequency of inspections is tailored to meet client requirements and the specific nature of each site. Members of our team are suitably trained and certified for working at height to be able to undertake “up tower” turbine inspections.

The inspection regime will be based on a WTG, HV and civil infrastructure checklist agreed with the client. We ensure metering equipment is checked and recalibrated and statutory inspections are carried out on site infrastructure where required.

Site Management

We coordinate the day to day operational requirements of each site, comprising the WTGs, HV assets, access roads and other related infrastructure. Our objectives, working on behalf of the client, are to ensure safety, maximise performance, asset longevity and achieve cost effective operation.

Developing and maintaining positive working relationships with landowners and other key local stakeholders is an integral element of good site management. Regular interactions in person are invaluable in this respect and we take opportunities to meet landowners in combination with other site work whenever possible, ensuring they have opportunities to air issues and have them swiftly resolved.

Planning Compliance

We manage compliance with planning conditions, including engaging relevant specialist consultants where required, ensuring their works are coordinated with other operational requirements at the site, reviewing the reporting they provide and of liaising with planning authorities and other interested parties regarding the results.

We have extensive experience liaising with local planning authorities in relation to a range of wind farm issues. This includes management of independent experts where required, as well as the use of in-house analysis to model effects and resolve complaints.